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Getting Started

Hello! Congratulations on making this first step in achieving a healthier you! Linked is our Welcome Packet (adult / child) that you will need to fill out. It is helpful if you can do it before your appointment and bring it with you. The more detailed you are with the history form, the easier it is for Dr. Andrick to get to know you and leave us plenty of time to talk during our visit. If possible, please bring a copy of any recent lab work you may have had in the previous 1-2 years.

CylistsPlease bring your insurance card and picture ID with you for billing purposes. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment so we may take your additional insurance information, any co-pay you may have and to check your vital signs. Initial consultations are 1 hour and follow up visits are 30 minutes. If for some reason you are unable to make your scheduled appointment time, please call the office 24 hours prior.

Please note if your insurance requires a referral from your doctor (some HMO plans etc.), your doctors office should process this referral for you. They may fax it to us at (303) 223-3288.

If your insurance company does not require that you have a doctors referral to see a specialist (most PPO, POS plans etc.) and you are going to be seen for weight management, please call your insurance company to find out if evaluation and treatment for "overweight or obesity" or "medical nutrition therapy" are covered benefits under your plan. We do have discounted "cash pay" pricing we can give you more information on if your insurance plan will not cover your visit.

Weigh to Wellness Denver Insurance Company List:

Aetna Cofinity Medicare Advantage Plans Pacificare Secure Horizons
BCBS Colorado Access Medicaid (under 18 years old) PHCS Tricare Standard
Cigna Medicare Multiplan Rocky Mountain Health Plans United Healthcare

Patient Success Stories

Amanda Before and AfterAmanda S.
Age: 34
Original Weight (Oct 2009): 193 lbs
Current Weight (Dec 2010): 143 lbs

Do you ever wake up in the morning and just hate how you look? You can't stand to look at yourself in the mirror and you cringe every time you see a picture of yourself? That was how I felt last year.

It hadn't always been that way. I remember that I used to be comfortable with my body, relatively happy with how I looked and pretty healthy. What had happened?

There are so many different excuses that I could offer! I could blame the 90 hour work weeks, the amount of stress that I was under, traveling all of the time or maybe I just had a slow metabolism. From my perspective, I knew all of the right things to do. I'd read all of the diet, nutrition and fitness books! I'd tried the fat flushes, rapid detoxes, various diets and fitness plans and yet I was still in this horrible place.

It was time for a different approach.

Last September, that different approach came unexpectedly. While traveling for work, I had an ovarian cyst that ruptured and put me in the hospital. When I saw my doctor in Denver for a follow-up, I mentioned that although I was on one of the "diets" and working out at the gym that I still wasn't seeing any results. Was there something that she could do? Was there a medication or test that she could run that would fix it? That doctor gave me one of the best gifts of my life, Dr. Andrick's business card. I immediately ran upstairs, made an appointment and felt like there was finally hope that someone could help me.

When I first met with Dr. Andrick. I liked her right away and really appreciated her honesty, caring and the time that she spent with me.

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Sandy G.
Age: 47
Original Weight (Jan 2010): 215 lbs
Current Weight (Jan 2011): 145 lbs (-70 lbs in 1 year!)

The last twelve months have been an incredible journey for me! I honestly never thought I would be slim after all the failed attempts over the years. My name is Sandy Gillespie, and I have been obese for the past 20 years.

Sandy G. Before and AfterI've tried just about every "diet" out there, and they all failed in the long run - I was unable to maintain a way of eating that was unnatural. I remember one where I would eat chicken and broccoli at every meal. I would "bite the bullet" and do these programs long enough to lose 10-15 pounds, and then I'd quit. It was pointless, the constant trying to gear myself up for weight loss, pick a program I hadn't tried yet, and hope beyond hope that I would succeed.

When my husband suggested I try a nutritionist, I thought to myself "I know how to eat healthy, what is that person going to tell me that I don't already know?" When I made my first appointment with Dr. Andrick, I already had it in my mind that I was going to order Nutrisystem because it was yet another "magic" program that hopefully would work. I must say that in that first appointment, followed by going to the Making your Weigh classes, my thinking about food changed. I remember Dr. Andrick asking what I was going to learn by getting my meals delivered to me in a box. I soon found out that her knowledge and expertise of what food did to either nourish your body or sabotage your efforts were invaluable.

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Weigh to Wellness Home Page Weigh to Wellness Getting Started Weigh to Wellness Staff Weigh to Wellness Services